Coaching Groups

Group Coaching Training and Mentoring for Experienced Coaching Professionals

Group coaching is where magic happens – for the participants and for the coach, which in turn benefits other stakeholders (companies, partners, families, etc.). When a group is formed, the intent to to create a collaborative, encouraging environment in which the participants bond to build success strategies wherein they cheer on each other, provide knowledge and experiences for guidance, and overall create professional relationships that last beyond the group’s active life-span.

Currently Ginger has the following active groups:

  • 12 Keys Mentoring Program for Coaching Groups
  • Credentialing Fast-Track Program for Coaches Seeking ICF Credentials
  • Power of Groups through Coachville


“I always learn something on the calls- but today I was intrigued by the networking group that David was setting up.  I want to do the same- set one up and I will do that as a direct result of being involved with the group.  This is the best hour I spend twice a month!!”

Thanks, James

 “The MDRT coaching has been invaluable to me and my agency. The group’s ideas and experiences are inspiring which gives me new energy after every meeting. Ginger is an excellent coach and always gets you focused on weekly and daily goals. Thank you to our company for allowing me to be a participant in this program.”


 12 Keys Group Coaching Mentoring Program starts October 23rd! This six-month program mentors coaches in establishing their own coaching groups from conception through realization, with support of fellow participants. Meeting at 1pm ET on Oct. 23; Nov. 6, 20; Dec. 4, 18; Jan. 8, 22; Feb. 5, 19; Mar. 5, 19; and April 2.

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