Participant Benefits

Benefits of the Coaching Group to Financial Women Participants

 All representatives perceived the coaching group as a tremendous support system.

Example: “Ginger’s emphasis on learning how to attract business rather than pursue it has affected my ability to see better people and write bigger cases. This is evident in my production numbers.”

Creating a cooperative rather than competitive group where accountability was about everyone achieving aggregate goals rather than having one winner and a number of losers. The coaching groups provided a comfortable and positive environment for achievement and support. The Representatives flourished personally and professionally in this environment.

Example: “I think new representatives coming into the business cannot help but benefit from the group coaching sessions. At the very least, it provides sense of connection to other representatives, and a non-competitive and non-threatening environment to express feelings and exchange ideas. Beyond that, the coaching concepts have motivated me to take consistent action.” Carrie

Becoming an Entrepreneurial Representative- Representatives making the shift from selling products to running a successful business. In addition to working “in” their businesses, they became aware how important it is to work “on” their businesses- seeing the big picture and managing the bottom line. The letters again confirm how each representative grew as a businesswoman.

Example: “The coaching group helped all the women define their business goals, gave us new tools and resources to deal with our obstacles and frustrations and a new way to hold ourselves accountable.”

Shift to Confidence- Identifying and enhancing their personal strengths and learning to delegate their weaknesses. It took several months for the confidence to grow. For the representatives who actively participated in the coaching groups the increase in confidence was dramatic to those working around them.

Examples: “I have developed a greater sense of pride and confidence in the service I provide”
Mary Kay

“I have developed a new level of production. I am now working with better prospects and selling bigger premium cases. Our work is showing up in my commission check. Of course, this affects my confidence and attractiveness and perpetuates more relationships and sales.”

Building a Referral Engine- Building the concentric social capital circles- of the Circle of Friends, Advocates, Community, and Network so that they have reserves of contacts and referrals. Taking the time not only to broaden their individual networks but to deepen their relationships with their Circle of 10, their involvement in their community, and giving as well as receiving from their network, allowed the representatives to reap immediate referrals and gave them a base for long term referral business and satisfying personal and business relationships.

Examples: “Referrals, clients, business, money, time, ease of paperwork all come to me more easily these days” My production is up 60% this year.”

“I have felt completely supported by Ginger and the members of the group. I have established a network of “comrades” and friends who help me and encourage me”.

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