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Testimonials from Financial Group Clients

I always learn something on the calls- but today I was intrigued by the networking group that David was setting up.  I want to do the same- set one up and I will do that as a direct result of being involved with the group.  This is the best hour I spend twice a month!!

Thanks, James

The MDRT coaching has been invaluable to me and my agency. The group’s ideas and experiences are inspiring which gives me new energy after every meeting. Ginger is an excellent coach and always gets you focused on weekly and daily goals. Thank you to our company for allowing me to be a participant in this program.


The impact this group has had on my agency is incalculable.  Until this group came about I never even came close to MDRT; let alone even knew that by putting a few practices in place in my agency… I could achieve this. I  really feel like I won the “golden ticket” by being a part of this group… Ginger is a master at what she does and I hope our company will continue our relationship with her for years to come as I have learned when we stay close to successful people, we too can become and stay successful…


The MDRT coaching has been invaluable to me and my agency. The group’s ideas and experiences are inspiring which gives me new energy after every meeting. Ginger is an excellent coach and always gets you focused on weekly and daily goals.


I’ve been involved in Group Coaching for just about two years, when Mary called the office and asked if I wanted to be part of a group working toward MDRT. Having just missed it that year (2007) I could taste it, and thought it would be worth a try. I was successful in getting to PC the next two years, and to MDRT this last summer.

The group has morphed over time from one of relative strangers just learning to trust each other, to a group that relies on each other’s vantage point and experience – and provides plenty of opportunity for good-natured ribbing. Many of us have met in person at PC, FFS Forum, MDRT, or Championship and have stories to tell.

Here in Washington I have a small, boutique practice that works primarily with small and medium size professional organizations that want to be as cost-effective as possible in their property and casualty risk management, assure long-term success of their practices, and consider putting a lot more than they previously thought possible into pre-payroll tax-advantaged retirement portfolios.

Our preparation and planning work to attain the CLU and CFP® designations and progress toward the CIC, our long-time history in the area, and high civic and non-profit profile help us get into the meetings where important decisions are made in these areas. We help clients attain clarity around these solutions that they have to have, need to have, and wish they could have. We strive to do well by doing good, and provide the benefit of our experience in property and casualty, business life insurance, and advanced retirement planning. I’ve moderated eight LUTC courses over the last three years, and am used to keeping the flow of information going, as well as building commitment and trust in a learning environment.

This last year has been one of bringing on two agency producers, developing this marketing program, and doing a LOT of traveling to company functions. We have built the foundation, and are poised to have a breakout year in 2010, and feel the influence of this learning and sharing environment will help us attain our rather aggressive goals.

Thanks to Ginger and the group for this wonderful experience

I’m delighted to be a part of this coaching group, and look forward to the progress we’ll make together.

Michael, CLU, CFP®

“I recently completed Ginger’s group Coaching classes for Coaches and I am sharing my experience of her remarkable teaching. Unlike some class leaders I’ve experienced, Ginger shares the model of how to market and gather groups from beginning to end which is extremely helpful. At the same time she trains us in the most successful format for conducting groups. She is very generous in sharing her knowledge and vast experience in group coaching. Best of all, Ginger kept me moving forward in developing the format for my own groups.”

Susan Hiller, PCC

“If you want powerful, perceptive, and practical guidance on how to coach groups, enroll in Ginger Cockerham’s training in Group Coaching. Ginger is truly a Master at the art of collecting and coaching groups. She is also a delightful human being who is really fun to learn from! Group coaching has become an integral part of my coaching business.”

Jacquie Damgaard, Ph D

“Ginger you really have so much oomph and the enthusiasm that excitement just seems to keep pouring out. Many people are good at what they do and are not able or willing to pass it on.  Your generosity with your materials and all your own experiences is so valuable.”

Jeannette Clarke

“What an exciting period the last five months of the year have been. As I began your program in early August, my mind was exploding with possibilities. Yet, little did I know that getting into group coaching would totally transform my life and my work enabling me to be a “Soul Provocateur” for so many people in groups.

Larry Ousley,
Coach and D.Min.

The Intentional Growth Center

Do not pass up the opportunity to take Ginger Cockerham’s Group Coaching for Coaches program. You will be hard pressed to find a more useful, fun, exciting, and profitable class for coaches. And, best of all, Ginger is an unbelievably good model: her warm, commanding, stimulating, cutting-edge style is a wonder to behold!”

Snow Thorner
Clear Life Focus Coaching, Inc.

“Participating in Ginger’s group for coaches who want to lead groups was fantastic! Her wealth of experience was the gold mine we were able to tap into. Collecting groups is the perfect way to leverage my time and do what I really love — work with groups.”

Pat Beaugard, MS


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