Magnificent Masters in Financial Services

Magnificent Masters in Financial Services: New Book for Women who Want A Successful Career In Financial Services

Dallas, TX (September 2007) Ginger Cockerham, Master Certified Coach for financial services professionals, has published a new book that shares how fourteen women in the financial services industryhave become top producers in their field. Along with her co-author, Diane Dixon, this ground-breaking book focuses on fourteen wildly successful women in the financial services industry who have created models for the financial businesses that have made them millions. These women have also raised families, overcome incredible obstacles, and reached amazing personal goals.“The financial services career is extremely rewarding — and these women prove it. If you have an interest in coming into this business, you should read this book!”— William H. Beckley, Executive Vice President of Agencies, Northwestern Mutual Life
“Finally a book that takes us inside the lives of successful women. No excuses, no complaints, just good practical advice and examples. If you want to succeed or you want to retain good women listen to what these women have to say and success is yours.”
— Gail Evans, Author Play like A Man, Win Like A WomanThis is a book of best practices that every field leader and advisor must read. These lessons should be embraced and applied to their firm or practice.”
— Jeff Hughes, CEO, GAMA International
“A career in financial services should be an ideal fit for women. It allows them to network, to help people, to turn prospects into clients into friends, and also share those key moments with their families such as attending a recital, a soccer or Little League game, a parent teacher conference, or a doctor’s appointment with aging parents. And yet, there are so few women in this most rewarding of noble professions. Use this book to showcase to the women you are trying to recruit by highlighting the stories of those who have been successful in financial services. They are motivating and captivating. And, they may be just enough for your prospective recruit to picture herself as a future successful leader in this career.”
— Susan W. Sweetser, JD, CFP, CLU, ChFC, Vice President Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual) and head of Women’s Markets at MassMutual


Who are these incredible fourteen women? Successful women from all over the United States. In this book, they share their secrets of success, how they overcame discouragement, adversity, and uncertainty to become top producers in their field.


Barbara Treadwell
Million Dollar Producer
Elisa Hecht
Building Powerful Alliances
Christie Kinsey
Becoming The Linchpin
Victoria Braden
Creating Multiple Revenue Streams
Marianne McGeary
Mastering The Language
Iris Mack Dayoub
Championship Performance
Arleen Llewellyn
Competing To Win
Deborah Anderson
Breaking The Glass Ceiling
Nancy Ogilivie
Choosing The Fast Track
Annette Stone
Putting On A Game Face”
Angelina Z. Fritter
Over-Delivering Results
Myra Bahme
Swimming Against The Tide
Kathleen Cotton
Creating Your Own Brand
Debra Blevons Wascher
Rising To The Challenge
These women share how they got started in the business, navigated through a competitive industry, identified their niche, managed their free time and their client base to maximize revenue and create a great life.
“This book is an inspirational testament to what the individual can achieve, no matter their level or tenure in this business. Beyond the inspiration these 14 AMAZING WOMEN impart, the reader will gain specific direction on how to apply their years of experience to help them take their practice to new heights. I strongly recommend this compendium as an invaluable guidebook for all the amazing women in this great business.”
— Emily G. Viner, Field Vice President, Guardian Life Insurance Company of America.
“We are featuring these women as models for women in the financial services industry,” says “We have highlighted how they have achieved business success while creating personal flexibility and a meaningful life. It’s an honor to showcase them in hopes that other women will enjoy their stories and use them for success in their own businesses.”
— Ms. Cockerham, co-author Magnificent Masters in Financial Services

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