International Quebec Gallery

ICF Conference in Quebec City, Canada
January ICF Board Meeting 2004

ICF President, Judy Feld, and all the Board members in the lobby of our hotel before we head out in 48 below zero weather to go to the Ice Hotel.
Bobette Reeder, Philip Cohen, Christine Martin, Steve Mitten, Diane Brennan, Kay Cannon, Patrick Williams

The flowers in the entry of the Ice Hotel were freeze dried and maintained their brilliance despite the cold. The hotel was built entirely of ice and almost all the furnishings were constructed from ice.

The bar in the hotel was carved in an oval shape. The temperature in the hotel was always below zero. This day it was so cold (48 below) that even the employees were complaining. At those temperatures, the traffic in the bar area was always busy.

I am kneeling at the altar in the chapel of the Ice Hotel. The ice glimmered so and looked almost blue. I had warmers in my heavy boots and still standing on the ice was soooooo cold.

The outside fire only sent the smoke upward and did little to warm anyone or anything. I really felt I would not be able to breathe long enough to get back to the bus.

A beautiful ice carving of a maple leaf in the snow.

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