“Instead of just taking a recess each day, I thought you might get a kick out of a new technique I am using calling the once a week Harriet the Spy time.  I use this time to try something new and adventurous – last weekend went to see an old estate in Long  Island and a seminar on herb gardens. This week a new garden nursery to try out.  I loved Harriet the Spy as a child and sometimes I think I was like her always interested in new things and writing in my journal.  When I think of this time it gets me excited, makes me smile and reminds me I can always be a kid trying new things.

 Rose Tummarelo, www.tummarello-assoc.com
High-Performing Entrepreneurial woman client
“The coaching with Ginger is great for me. I feel more comfortable discussing my business assets with potential clients. Ginger diminished my fear in this area. Our coaching has been invaluable to me as I grow my business and live out my dream.”
Maria, Entrepreneurial Business Owner

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